Core Beliefs

  1. Our beliefs should be in line with the current scientific understanding of the world. We value rational inquiry, skepticism, the scientific method, and basic logical reasoning. We acknowledge the place of beliefs to give comfort or support, but these are not a replacement for reason and logic. We believe religion can and should be divorced from superstition. As a group, we deny the existence of the supernatural.
    We will not allow another’s belief in the supernatural to influence our decision-making process. We never attack people, only their ideas.
  2. Willful Ignorance is the single greatest foe facing our world today. Willful Ignorance towards a dogmatic end denies reality and rejects logic. It perpetuates racism, sexism, child abuse, anti-science views, and is a major cause of most conflicts. We believe this to be a societal and intellectual dead-end.
    It is the duty of each Satanist to mock, blaspheme, tear down, and to otherwise destroy ignorance wherever it is found and to help people come out from abusive systems of ignorance. Willful Ignorance has no place in the modern world.
  3. We promote compassion and empathy as these are the tools we need to understand one another and grow as individuals and as a community. We use reason and empathy to guide all of our interactions with others. We believe in taking the path that does the least harm to those around us, in violence only as self-defense, and to do our best to understand the reasons behind other’s actions before reacting to them.
  4. We do not kneel to tyrannical or arbitrary authority, and we reject oppressive dogmas. No one should be given preferential treatment or be denied basic rights and respect based on income, social status, race, culture, gender, or sexuality. All Humans should be treated with a level of respect based on the content of their character.
  5. We value bodily autonomy and individual sovereignty. Bodily autonomy is the right of every Human. Every Human has the right to change, alter, or intake any substance into their body. They do not have the right to put others in danger with these actions. No one has the right to dictate the use of another’s body unless that person is not mentally sound to make those health decisions for themselves. We actively support transgender rights, sex worker rights, and reproductive freedom.
  6. We don’t believe anyone should be criticized for individual circumstances such as race, sexual orientation, gender identity, or ability.
  7. There is never an excuse for abuse. It is the duty of every Satanist to defend those who can’t defend themselves. Parents do not have the right to deny medical care to their child or to put that child in danger for the sake of their traditions or beliefs.
  8. It is our individual responsibility to do our best to rectify mistakes we make and resolve any harm we may have personally caused. We, as Satanists, must be able to admit that we can and will be wrong at times. We don’t know everything. We can only act on the evidence we have at a given time, but we will act differently as new evidence is found.