Frequently Asked Questions


Is Satanism a religion?

Yes. Satanism is a non-theistic religion. Another example of a non-theistic religion is Buddhism. (Huston Smith, “The World’s Religions: 50th. Anniversary Edition”)

 Do you worship Satan?

We do not promote belief in a literal Satan. Rather, we value the literary Satan as symbolic of personal sovereignty, rebellion against arbitrary authority, and the embrace of rational inquiry. This is exemplified in such texts as Revolt of the Angels and Paradise Lost.
For more examples of the the literary Lucifer please visit our recommended readings page.

Are you affiliated with The Satanic Temple or the Church of Satan?

We are an independent group of non-theistic Satanists, unaffiliated with either TST or CoS. While some of our members may also belong to these groups, we are a separate organization.

So are you a new religion then?

No. We are Satanists. We are a community and an organization. The opinions and thoughts here are our own. We do not believe that religion should be a stagnant and unchanging philosophy. Religions and beliefs should evolve alongside the humans that practice them.

What do you believe?

  • We think our beliefs should be in line with the current scientific understanding of the world. We value rational inquiry, skepticism, the scientific method, reason, and logic. We believe religion can and should be divorced from superstition.
  • We promote compassion and empathy as these are the tools we need to understand one another and to grow as individuals and as a community.
  • We do not bow to tyrannical or arbitrary authority, and we reject oppressive dogmas.
  • We value bodily autonomy and individual sovereignty. We actively support transgender rights, sex worker rights, and  reproductive freedom.
  • We don’t believe anyone should be criticized for circumstances of birth such as race, sexual orientation, gender identity, or ability.
  • We reject the just-world hypothesis as cognitive bias and justification for bigotry.
  • It is our individual responsibility to do our best to rectify mistakes we make and resolve any harm we may have personally caused.

For more information, please visit our Core Beliefs page.

How is Satanism different from Humanism?

The principles of individual sovereignty and rejection of tyrannical authority are of paramount importance to Satanists but are not fundamental components of Humanism.

If you believe in Humanism then why do you call yourselves Satanists?

Because that’s what we are. As mentioned above, we believe that Humanism is in line with Satanism and what Satan and/or Lucifer represent to us.

How does non-theistic Satanism digger from LaVeyan Satanism (Church of Satan)?

As non-theistic Satanists we follow our own guiding principles that we feel represent a natural evolution of Satanic thought. We believe that utilizing current scientific evidence enables us to make better rational decisions. To that end we reject LaVeyan social Darwinist rhetoric as it fails to agree with what is currently known regarding social evolution, specifically how it relates to research in evolutionary biology, game theory, reciprocal altruism, and cognitive science.

We reject LaVeyan objectivism, the philosophy of Ayn Rand, as well as the common fetishization of authoritarianism, believing this is antithetical to the Satanic values of autonomy and individual sovereignty. (

Furthermore, while LaVeyan Satanism is atheistic – in that it rejects the notion of Satan as a conscious entity – it is still supernaturalist.  We hold no value in LaVeyan edicts calling to “acknowledge the power of magic”. (Anton LaVey, “The Eleven Satanic Rules of the Earth”, 1967).

Do Satanists observe any holidays?

Birthdays are a primary Satanic holiday, as they celebrate the self. Halloween, a night associated with demons and witches, is another. Some choose to observe natural occurrences like the solstices and equinoxes. Others observe Walpurgisnacht as a holiday. As always, it’s up to the individual. 

If you don’t believe in the supernatural then why do you perform rituals?

Metaphor is the language of religion and ritual does not require superstition to be effective. Humans have daily rituals that are not directly related to the supernatural. We wake up, brush our teeth. As we lay down to sleep we may reflect on the day or think calm thoughts. These are all, by definition, rituals. (Carl Jung, Man and Ritual)

Do Satanists recruit?

We do not proselytize. We believe it’s up to each individual to choose the path that’s right for them. When asked respectfully, we are generally happy to talk about our beliefs. We have more respect for those who read our FAQ and Satanism 101 before asking questions.